Why College is Awesome Essay Winners 2013

May 2nd 2013

Awesome Essays Worth $1,000 for College

Salem, OR May 1, 2013: Twenty-six local students have written a new chapter into the 31st annual Awesome 3000.  The Salem-Keizer Education Foundation has announced the winners of the second annual Why College is Awesome essay contest. Sponsored by the Oregon College Savings Plan, the essay winners each receive a $1000 Oregon College Savings Plan account. 

Read and scored by a committee of literacy and writing professionals, 467 students submitted entries including 200 elementary students from 27 schools, 109 middle school students from 12 schools and 158 students from 7 high schools and three home school students.  Students were asked to paint a mental picture with drawings and/or words, keep the reader interested, and give a creative, and succinct expression of why going to college is an awesome experience.

 Some student essays described how incredible it would be to be the first person in their family to attend college, while others knew the financial earning power a college diploma would provide.  Dara, a third grader, noted that education helps to develop our greatest ability. Casey, an eighth grader, used a baby bird metaphor and likened college to helping young birds grow feathers before being “shoved out of the nest.” And Brody, a kindergartner, pointed out that he needs college so he can get a job at the zoo feeding monkeys.

Janis Wurgler, a Salem-Keizer School District Elementary Literacy Specialist, was thrilled about this opportunity for students. “One of a writer's main goals is to communicate a message or idea in a way that reaches their readers,” Wurgler said. “The Why College is Awesome essay contest provides student writers with the opportunity to share their opinions in a real and authentic way to an audience beyond the classroom.  It gives them a chance to test the power of words and to witness the impact their writing can have on others.”

Why College is Awesome Essay Contest Winners for 2013

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Jackson Buckingham (McKinley Elementary)

Brody Fuhrman (Eagle Charter)

1st Grade

Samuel Hudspeth (Harritt Elementary)

Miriam Henderson (Keizer Elementary)

2nd Grade

Nathan Williams (Forest Ridge)

Milo Kingsley (Harritt Elementary)

3rd Grade

Dara Elkanah  (Pringle)

Rocco Jones  (McKinley)

4th Grade

Cathleen A. Rodriguez-Lantz (Valley Inquiry Charter)

Ali Byler (Candalaria Elementary)

5th Grade

Sarah Goldberg Edelson  (Candalaria Elementary)

Julie Chen (Candalaria Elementary)

6th Grade

Eden McCall (Judson)

Angel Huang (Crossler)

7th Grade

Adriana Escorcia (Stephens)

Hannah Sonnen (Walker)

8th Grade

Ben Beckstrom (Walker)

Casey Chaffin (Straub)

9th Grade

Aleysia Henry (McNary)

Adriana Moralez (McNary)

10th Grade:

Rachel Bass (West)

Nela Bayanoff (McNary)

11th Grade

Chloe Stewart (West)

Menley Neitzel (West)

12th  Grade

Daniela Seare (West)

Faye Barkley (West)


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